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Paintings I   2015, 2014, 2013
Cycles Face and the Reverse and Possibilities

About the cycles Face and the Reverse and Possibilities

Cycle ''Face and the Reverse'' emerges as an answer to the imperative of the contemporary society to reach happiness, at least apparently. Its concern is the inner battle, or the well hidden inner states of mind and feelings, observed by the man only in moments of extreme tenacity and sincerity towards himself. It`s aiming to uncover the discordance between the mask, seeable from the outside, and a man`s inner world.
The attempt to achieve a balance is relentlessly disturbed or even determined by the (non) conditions imposed from the outside. Therefore, at the same time, it is a clash between the inner needs and wishes with the requests and limitations from the environment, and this aspect marks the cycle named ''Possibilities''.
The division of the human being in times filled with challenges and uncertainty is presented through metamorphosis and movements striving towards the liberation from anything imposed, towards finding one`s true self. The hidden, abstract and ''passive'' transfigurations reveal the states of mind impregnated with vital vibrations through expressive compositions that mark the essence. Both cycles deal with the inner struggle of the contemporary man in the exact moment it is happening, so its outcome can only be anticipated...